Duck Mountain Nordic Club


Posted by Kevin Sutton on 2021-04-13

Off Season Use


Please don't access the trails through the golf course in the off season.

The back country trails are not maintained but please advise the park if accessibility is significantly impeded by overgrowth..(306)542-5500

Bikes are allowed. Most shelters have some pots and pans, plates, some cutlery. Approproate disinfection should be followed.

Ski Hill and Moose Lake shelter have room for 2-3 people to sleep comfortably.

Jack Rabbit maybe 3. Jack Rabbit does not have cookware.

Rundle is the biggest. Sleeps 4 to 5

Tamarack sleeps about 4.

New solar light systems will have the ability to charge phones and Ipads.

Please contact the park (306)542-5500 if shelters are running short of firewood or require repair. 

Please use the chalkboard in the Log Inn shelter to record the shelter name and date(s) you are staying.

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Thank You

Duck Mountin Nordic Club


For anyone hiking or biking into the shelters "THERE IS A FIRE BAN IN THE PARK UNTIL FUTHER NOTICE.