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Welcome to the Duck Mountain Nordic Club(formerly the Kamsack Ski Club). We provide 54 km of trail in the boreal forest of Duck Mtn. Provincial Park. Trail fall and shelter maintenance along with grooming are a collaboration of Park and club volunteers. The majority of the trails are tracked for classic skiing but we endeavour to add a skate lane to the Golf course and Firetower loop. We add a skate lane to the Rundle loop for the loppet. Seargent Lake and Moose lake are wide enough and skateable if you so choose. The back country trails are hilly and test one’s fitness and technical skills. In addition to the Log Inn shelter at the parking lot there are 5 shelters: Jack Rabbit, Ski Hill, Rundle Lake, Tamarack and Moose Lake. The trail from Tamarack shelter, south, has recently been widened to the downhill ski chalet where you can have a lunch. Of course it is uphill home from there! Snowshoers are welcome but encouraged to stay off the groomed trails. Walkers are discouraged as the footprints leave deep holes that damage the trails for skiers. All users of the trails, both in winter and summer, are encouraged to join the club as funding is based on membership numbers. This funding allows us to maintain and make improvements to our trail system. Of course VOLUNTEERS are appreciated and guaranteed to get some extra “Trail Karma”!

Done Deal

Posted on Tuesday April 9th 2024

That's a wrap!! The snowmobile trails were well packed/smooth lately to get in a last skate ski.Even though we got out to a slow start, some didn't even get going, we had good snow for the year and two significant March snow falls extended the season. The Loppet had a good turnout considering many didn't even get skis on this year. -28C last year and 3C this year(bit too warm) yet the same number of participants! Membership was down this year likely due to early season lack of snow. Nevertheless, there was a significant amount of trail traffic. Thank you to the many that did make a trail donation!There was a change in Park management and approach to trail grooming. As such the club didn't do any of the track setting this year except for the loppet. We continue to work with the Park t [Read More]

Posted by Cheryl Brooke

43rd Duck Mountain Loppet Reports Another Successful Event

Posted on Monday March 11th 2024

The Loppet organizing committee, chaired by Kevin Sutton, President of the

Duck Mountain Nordic Club, is happy to report another successful loppet is in the

books. Temperatures cooperated with balmy conditions ranging from -6 in the

morning to +2 in the afternoon. Although the trails were getting a bit soft this

certainly was more pleasant than the -28 temperature we had last year. With

roughly the same number of skiers as last year, this suggests that temperature is

not a limiting factor. Ski distances ranged from 3Km to 40Km, with a hotdog and

marshmallow roast at Jackrabbit Junction. Skiers ranged in age from a young 80

year old to a younger 4 year old! Of interest is there [Read More]

Grooming Update

Posted on Wednesday February 21st 2024

Loppet Grooming Update 

Loppet grooming in the process. Seargent, Rundle and moose Lake shelter to ski hill shelter have been renovated and packed. They will be track set with the sled tomorrow morning: please allow time to set up as the trails are very soft so please avoid these trails. 
 Firetower Batka major to moose lake shelter and Ski hill will be packed tomorrow and track set Friday morning. Please avoid these trails so as to allow to set up for the loppet skiers.

Loppet Registration closes tomorrow evening at

Posted by Cheryl Brooke

Loppet Preparation

Posted on Tuesday February 20th 2024


In order to have a fresh set of tracks for the skiers, the Park will be out grooming the trails on Wednesday/Thursday this week. The classic tracks will be set over 2 days. Thus some of the trails will not have a classic track for a day. The warn weather may tweak the schedule a bit.

We ask that you please NOT WALK OR SNOW SHOE on the freshly set trails.


All the shelters will be booked Friday night, 23rd. The shelters will be occupied by volunteers on Satuday Feb 24.

Thank you!

Registration is still open at

Posted by Cheryl Brooke

Loppet Week !

Posted on Sunday February 18th 2024

Some pretty great conditions to be experienced on the recently groomed trails. Further details at

The loppet is fast approaching so get your registration in and your skiing "fix" at


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Posted on Friday January 13th 2023

As a user of the trails and shelters please consider a donation as we have no trail fees. This will allow us to continue to fix and upgrade the facilities to improve your experience.

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